Monday, November 30, 2009

Diet On The Holidays?!?

Diet on the holidays? I can't say that I started yet. Last week was Thanksgiving and can honestly say I gained five pounds in that time frame. Ouch!!! Yeah, not sexy. It's so hard though to stay good when there's chocolate pies, turkeys, sweet potatoes, and other family member stuffing their mouths around me. So today I'm back on campus, looking at all the food establishments, and see a sad sight. We are destined to be fat.

First, there's Burger King promoting a five patty burger with large fries and drink. Who needs a five patty burger? Isn't that enough? Plus there's cheesecake. Not a big fan myself but that doesn't mean other people wouldn't be. Then next door is a ice cream place and it's the only place I know I can get a birthday cake shake. Yum!!!

Next there's a buffet place. It does have healthy stuff inside like green beans and corn but it costs $10 to get in (and I haven't found a way to sneak out food yet) so I fill compelled to stuff my face in everything, including ice cream.

There's the Cate center. It also has healthy stuff but cost twice as much as the fatty quesadillas that's so tempting to my taste buds.

There's a smoothie place I like to go to, which I do if I fall behind the workouts, but they also can be pricey. Still worth the effort.

There's Crossroads.24-7 Ga lour of french fries, omelets, burgers, and anything else high on the calorie chart. If healthy is the goal, the options are sushi (pricey), salad and/or a piece of fruit. Fun.

The cafeteria has Chinese food, Italian food, Quizno's, the laughing tomato, and Chicfila. Again, that leaves salad and a piece of fruit for diet options. Maybe soup too if it doesn't have much sodium.

That's it. So what do I want to do if I really want to lose weight? Live on fruits and salad? Empty my checkbook? Even starve myself? Why isn't there as many options for a healthy person as for the couch potatoes? We're human too!

What if instead of pop and snack machines, there were fruit machines? Would that increase its popularity? Maybe have celery sticks be dispensed for fifty cents or something. The drinks could be V8, Vitamin Water, Milk, and Water. Just a thought.

Can somebody help a girl who doesn't want to buy bigger pants here?

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