Monday, November 2, 2009

Traveling Tips For The Poor Person

I love to travel. Now that's out of my system, there's one thing I need to let out: I'm poor. It's not a new fact and it's not a scary one either. Certain things may just be more complicated to accomplish. I'm going to New York for the first time but only because, with this economic crisis, it makes things cheaper. At first, I hesitated because with being poor comes a stronger need to be practical and not waste money away, but I changed my mind. If there's not much hope to being rich within the next ten years, why just let those years go away? So maybe I can't get the five star hotel near the shores of Hawaii? There's many ways to explore beautiful places without breaking the bank.

1) I aim for places I know people at. Why spend a couple hundred dollars for a hotel when there's an old high school friend of mine willing to share space with me? There may be some inconviences such as how warm the rooms are and tolerances on alcohol, but a plus is definetly the local factor. They know the city/town enough to get the best pizza, hangouts, and getting connected with new people and all for a cheaper budget than I orginally planned.

2) If it's less than two days away (if vacationing for at least a week), drive! It saves so much money in the end, especially if it's last minute. For example, when I try to buy roundtrip tickets (with Southwest) to see my Dad in Albuerqurque, NM, it costs me over $500. To drive there and back costs around $125. Huge difference. This works great especially with groups because drivers can switch off and not have to worry about motel costs. If alone, unless extremely brave, maybe limit this standard to one day.

3) Look around for bargains. Almost anything can be found for a cheaper price. A $65 concert ticket through the venue can easily be $40 through other sources. Always research before dealing with scalpers. Unless the tickets are VIP or box seats, most tickets did not reach the $300 mark originally. Especially with the inventions of EBAY and Craigslist, there's no excuses!

There are many more tips, but that could go on for days. Many people want to still have lives, but can't necessarly live the lives Paris Hilton and Rhianna have. No fears. Traveling can still play a part of our lives by just being smart and a little less prissy.

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