Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Why Do We Care?!?

It's not the first time it's happened nor will it be the last but I still see it as a very stupid situation. I'm gonna use a Myspace example (classy, huh?). There's this guy that I never thought about in high school. All I remember is that he was always in my choir classes my middle and early high school years at Union. He was normal, average, nothing special. Neither was I. One day he just messages me on Myspace and admits he wanted to hook up with me in high school. That's cool. Nice to know. Still, I'm not gonna be mean to him cause he seems like a nice enough guy to be friends with. Probably not the best idea. He doesn't try to even get to know me as a person. All he messages are pick up lines to try to get lucky with me. I know part of it is now some act he feels he needs to play since he's trying to be punk with his clothing and huge gaudges on his ears, but still he has no respect for me whatoever.

I'm not naive. In reality, I bet there's not one guy I'm friends with that has never thought once about what I would be like in bed. I'm not bragging. I say this not because of how I look but because I have boobs and a hole to play with. It's embedded in a male's DNA. I get that. But how do I respond to this? I haven't yet. I hadn't messaged anything but he doesn't seem to get the hint probably because I tried originally to be friends. How stupid of me!

It's that same senerio, wheither one likes the guy or not. First we debated back and forth on wheither we do what we want to do, what we believe we should do, or what he wants to do. Then if we decide to please him, then we debate about what he's actually wanting us to react. Are we being prude? Is this too slutty? Should I play hard to get or will he just go away? Then after we make a decision, no matter what choice we make, we are always questioned. Maybe not right that minute (depending on the answer) but in the end, we feel like we need a lawyer to defend our case because he's the master of making us feel that our decisions are not good enough.

Then I start to think why do I even give a shit? Sticking with the Myspace example, I hadn't seen this guy in probably five or six years and maybe excluding the ten year reunion may never see this doucebag again. Plus why do we as women always feel like we have to explain everything? It's not their business! We were born seperate from the womb as him. We are our own person! Don't be afraid to be a bitch if it's necessary.

I guess I need to log in and practice what I preach, huh?

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