Friday, November 13, 2009

Bad Timing

I think bad timing is part of life itself, or at least mine. I'm scheduled to work when I have fifty million papers to do and yet when I'm bored out of my mine, there are zero hours available. The gym is never open when I have the time to work out. The classes I want to take conflict with a class I need to take. Lastly, I met the people I want to meet at the worst possible times.

First was my first official boyfriend, Eric. I was a high school senior determined at the time to go to the biggest out of state school possible and be the next big journalist (before I learned of its censorship during the Bush era). He was a well-to-do college freshman studying Pre-Med and his plans were to become a physical therapist, find a good woman, and settle down near his parents in our hometown Tulsa. Nice in theory, but when you put an over-ambitious girl who still needed to grow up with a content Tulsa who tried to speed her up to do so, problems occurred. He was a great guy but breaking up with him was one of the best decisions I could make for myself.

Then there was Natasha, a woman at my work that was detirmined to distribute a R&B album ad had asked me to be her back-up vocals for that album. That decision wasn't really that hard to make since, although I like R&B, our creative styles didn't mix and she eventually decided not to produce it after all, but if she would of asked me to give up everything after college, maybe I would of considered it.

Guys never seem to like me when my life is normal and I know where I'll be in the next month (although now that I think about it, when does this occur). They ask me whenever I'm moving, he's moving or we have different directions we want to go. Joe, the new york guy, we had chemistry. We met at a TCC class we had together. However, a month after we met, he got a full ride scholarship to a liberal arts school in Chicago. Then there's Ben, a pre-med student as well, but I knew at this time that I was going to OU and had no bussiness starting a relationship when I would just leave. He still asks but I say no. Then there's the cute mexican exchange student I met at the OU gym, but to my luck, he's going back to Mexico after this semester ends. Crap! And there's always the losers at the bars trying to hook up with me, but I didn't think they really count. I don't by the way, but I'm infamous for being a tease.

The last thing, which inspired me to write this blog, involves my latest trip to New York. I went there to get connections. Of course though, I mean during the day, while I'm in the buildings of Time, Coste Nast, and others involved with the magazine and publishing industry. I go to a sports bar one night to relax and meet some of the locals. I wanted to see what it would be like to be there.

At first, it was simple, met some older ladies that were goofy as hell. Found out that New York drinks are quite stronger than Oklahoma's. Only takes two to do what four at home would feel to me. Of course, a guy hits on me, trying to get me drunk quicker with straight vodka shots, but he looked like he would pass out any minute, so I didn't feel bad bringing him the bad news. I think they found him on the bathroom floor later that night.

As my group of ladies were leaving, a blond sits at our table and smiles. I'm more of a black and brown hair man (except the ex I mentioned earlier was blond) but he caught my eye. There was chemistry but then, to impress me of course, he mentions (which I researched and it's true) that he's a touring guitarist for Keith Urban.


This, unknown to anyone else, puts me in a tight situation, both career and reputation wise. I'm in New York to make connections. He's a connection. Yet, I liked him before I knew of this. If anything happens, even with not sleeping together, I'm still that girl that dates my way up to the top, and I don't want that. What to do. What to do.

I think I'm overstressing anyways to be honest. We flirted with texts for awhile and talk about who he's meeting at that moment, but I don't think he likes me as much as he did. And it's fine. Although I'd like to stay in touch, I understand if we don't, and if it's that easy to make important friends anyways, I'll just make more.

I'll make them on purpose and in an honorable way.

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