Monday, November 16, 2009

Looking Through My Phone

So I'm procrastinating, which is nothing new, and I keep trying to distract myself. There's only so many times I can check Facebook. I decide to look down my phone's address book to see who to start conversations with. I really don't have something to say today though (well, the information I want people to know). Still, I scroll up and down, up and down, over and over again. What do I see in these people anyways?

There's always family members on my phone. For most people, that's a duh. It's kinda hard to tell though who are actually my relatives. Who's really going to tell which Jessica is actually my little sister? Only I do!!!

There are old coworkers. The past is our main topic of choice. Past issues, past situations. They're nice to have to look back on and know one survives that era, but they shouldn't be best buddies with me or I to them. It's not far to our futures.

There's my girls. The ones I can send the most random crap to and not be left on the streets. We live and breathe each others happiness and make sure to make each other feel like bombshells after a pep talk when we were upset. Doesn't matter if we actually are. We feel it.

There's the flirts. Self-explanatory. Do I need to say more?

There's the buddies from school. The late night Pizza that we shouldn't have to celebrate a test being OVER!!! The library buddy when we actually do what we're supposed to.

There's the current co-workers that serves as a partner in favors and a frustration outlet of our one shared place.

There's the party people. If one's bored on a saturday night, they'll be doing something. Always!!!

I seem to have a lot of married couples. Both the wife and husband's number. No, none are in the flirt category. These are faithful couples that usually serves best as a place for advice and stability.

I'm single so no boyfriend's number. I've never attempt to keep my ex's number either. Everything happens for a reason. Move On!!!

Places I want to intern at someday. Keep my fingers crossed.

There should always be a mother (or for guys, father) figure and they should be in your phone. No questions asked! If one has both, great plus!!!

The gay guy (typically just women have these). The one to go to when having a fashion meltdown or when a bad breakup just happened. They'll make things controllable in no time. Plus it's the only time my hair gets fixed in general.

Lastly, there are those numbers that are only kept for references.

I'm sure there's more categories, but that's all I can think of. Fell free to add more.

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