Friday, September 11, 2009

I Remember 9/11

Television has a bad reputation for rotting our brains. I dare to disagree. Although I admit Family Guy doesn't teach much history or science, one great thing I can brag about Television is how it brings the world to our homes for us to see. It helped bring forth the Civil Rights Movement when millions of Americans watch Martin Luther King Jr give his "I Have A Dream" speech or see white policemen spray water on non-violent blacks. It brought joy to the Germans who couldn't be by the Berlin Wall as it fell, feeling excitement for their nation to be united again. Lastly, its how many Americans joined to discover its vulnerability and unite to build back its strength instead of letting the destruction of the World Trade Center become a isolated incident for New Yorkers alone.

That is how I remember 9/11. I was in 8th Grade going to my Pre-Algebra class when I discovered that math wasn't the priority of the day. At first, I felt excited because I had slacked off the night before. Then I became confused as I watched a building collapes to the ground and then watch live a plane crashing into the 2nd building that was beside the 1st burning one.

We watched all day, in all of our classes, as another terriorist, I then discovered, crashed into the Pentagon and how a brave passenger of another plane save another important building from being crashed into. I remember thinking that all of the adults were scared, almost like it was the end of the world.

We may have live, but things have really changed. First, my stepdad works at American Airlines. It once was one of the safest jobs one can have in Tulsa. Since then, he has always had to fight to not be fired, especially with this economic downturn, once even moving positions as his original job became deleted. Then the people changed. Once carefree in our ways, we now have become so parinoid we trust no one. Some parinoia may be needed, but many people have been judged unfairly because of it, and not just by ethnicity.

Lastly, a new question arised that we never considered a question before. What is more important: Security or Freedom? Here we are 8 years Later and still nobody can answer that question. I remember 9/11. The entire US changed because of it.

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