Monday, August 31, 2009

Top Three Reasons To Be Locked Out Of A Bathroom!

I woke up on a dreaded Monday morning with greasy hair and a slight stench, so I decided it would be best to take a shower before leaving for class. However, as I tried to enter the restroom, I shortly realized that I'm wasn't able to get in. It's locked from the inside. Oh no! I can't go to school like this! As I try to decide whether to wake up my roommate or not, I started to ponder on why this must of happened, and I came up with three things...

1) My roommate just received the water bill! It's the recession after all and she may not appreciated my habitual long showers that I established from other houses. She may assume, despite my savings, that my not having a job right now may tempt me to not pay my share. She may be trying to warn me that she's not one to take advantage of.

I quickly eliminated that notion because I realized that half of my showers I had taken were at OU's gym after my workouts. So what's next?

2) It's 7am! Unlike me, she doesn't have morning classes, so my running the water, opening and shutting cabinet doors, and even the sound of the fan going might be enough to drive her insane!

But why wouldn't she let warn me when she saw me last night? I would've taken the shower last night! Hey! She's a hard sleeper anyways! This couldn't be it! There's only one other thing it could be!

3) She forgot to unlock the door after taking a shower herself! Her room has two entrances to the restroom where mine only has one.

I knocked on her bedroom door to be sure. Bingo! "Oops," she said. Then she opened it immediately! Now, I might of been able to be on time for class that day if I had remembered to put gas in my car that previous night!

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