Sunday, September 27, 2009

Excited About Dave Matthews!!!

I bought the tickets five months ago to grab floor seats. Everyday, I open my wallet to stare at the tickets as I look for cash, Indian card, etc. Now it's only a week away! Yeah! I almost freaked today when I saw my work schedule me that same day, but fortunetly the shift ends four hours earlier, so it gives me plenty of time to drive from my new home OKC to my hometown Tulsa and rock out of my seat. What songs do I expect to hear?

1) So Much To Say
2) Everyday
3) Too Much
4) Ants Marching
5) Crash Into Me
6) Satellite
7) Warehouse
8) Funny The Way It Is
9) Two Steps
10) Say Goodbye
11) Lie In Our Graves
12) Don't Drink The Water
13) Tripping Billies
14) Drive In Drive Out
15) Where Are You Going?
16) I Did It
17) Mother, Father
18) The Space Between
19) Dreams Of Our Fathers
20) When The World In

I'm also excited to be back in Tulsa. I know I could always party in Brookside, Downtown, anywhere on Riverside. I'll be more relaxed. Plus it's beautiful. Yes, I'm biased when it comes to Tulsa. It rocks.
I'm not exicted to see Willie Nelson. I don't hate him, but I didn't buy the tickets for him. Now if Sheryl Crow was the opening act, I might actually care about making it on time.
I wonder how close these floor seats will actually be. I've been to concerts before, but never that close, unless it was a friend's band, but then I'd usually get stampled. I want to jump like a idiot! I don't get to at other concert because of the seats. Not too cool! So I'm ready to jump up and down.
So that's it! I'm excieted and so should you! It's at the BOK Center this friday, and if you're there, good for you, but I can't promise I'll see you! Muah!

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