Sunday, October 4, 2009


The one reality I'm starting to learn over the years is no matter how safe one play the game, nothing's guarenteed. For many reasons, I've tried to make risks the smart way, but now I'm questioning wheither that's doing the same thing. I wonder if that passion that I'm trying to attain will disappear, and for anything worth having, passion is a necessity. One of the most obvious examples is the OU game against Miami yesterday. OU had the skills to drive Miami to the ground. They also had the support of many OU fans. OU players just did not play with passion. They didn't fight until the end and they lost. I don't want to end up like that. So I'm trying to re-evaluate everything. I know I can't answer the big questions now, but here are some little things I have passion for.

1) I'm a dog person. Cats don't come to confort me when I'm upset. Cats don't become my alarm clock on a beautiful day. Dogs do. I don't want a cocker spaniel though. I eventaully want a pug, husky, or german shepard in my home. Maybe all three, if I'm lucky.

2) I like to run. Not if I'm out of shape because it kicks my butt then. But I like to run. It lets me release my agressions and/or frustrations. It also make me feel powerful and able to do anything even if I just watched tv hours before.

3) I like to stay busy. I rather be busy than have a day of nothingness, unless it's just for unwinding. I feel I have a purpose. I want to do everything and be everything. If I have nothing left that I want to accomplish, that will be the day I'm dead.

4) Chocolate. I'm an addict. Take me to counseling; it won't help. Hahaha. It lifts my spirits. The end.

5) Lastly, I want to change the world. I don't want to talk about the usual. I have a rebellious spirit, but I think all americans do actually. I want to leave my mark on society. I want to help people. I may seem quiet at first, but I don't stay quiet for long.

There are other things, but that's what comes to mind. Maybe that's all I need to succeed. Who knows. I just need to get my head together, and maybe this list will get me a headstart.

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