Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Two Kinds Of Artists

I've been trying to think this through, and honestly distracting myself from finishing a big project due tomorrow, about what kind of professional I am and/or desire to be. My professor talks about how a writer wants to write everything. I start to say yes but then I remember how picky I am about the topics I want to talk about and start to think again. It's like when I wanted (and still want) to be an actress but became picky about the roles I wanted to take or when I was in choir and got frustrated about not being allowed to change the notes to a song. What exactly am I then? Then I came up with this theory, that there are two types of artists.

The first kind of artist is one that is in love and/or embraces the form of which they are involved in. They will play any song, perform any role, and write any piece. They are in love with the language, the notes, the colors, or the methods. They follow the rules involved. They will back behind any direction their field will take as long as it's for the best intentions.

The second kind of artist is one that is in love with a cause or message. They will do what it takes to get that message across. Their songs will break new boundaries and not be afraid to break the rules. Some examples are Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix. They would not be caught dead taking a part, singing a song, painting a picture, or writing a book that contradicts what message they back behind. They are like activists only they may not necessarly be the ones that goes to Washington D.C., pick up a sign and march around a building.

Both of these type of artists exist for mass audiences to see, hear, read, watch, whatever today. Neither one is bad to belong in. The first kind of artists are more likely to change with the times (like Mariah Carey) and adapt to what audiences like at the time. The second kind of artist is more likely to bring up no-no topics and stir up controversies and/or group support for whatever relating to those topics. Both are needed and necessary in a Democracy.

I think I used to be in group one and I believe that I belong to group two now but I think an artist doesn't truly see what they are because of a biased lens that serves an artist to succeed in the first place.

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